I have no idea of how I will be able to put the things I want to post about in a coherent way but why do I care today when I always ramble on all the other days? So instead of sitting here, frying my brain-here we go:

First of all I want to push a little for Di of Designers Block’s new project: Ghost Furniture. I love the idea of recycling old furniture and things to give them a new life and when it’s done in this brilliant way it’s difficult to resist! I wouldn’t mind having this mirror on my wall actually and it’s name doesn’t make it any less attractive! Take a small break and browse the site (And no, Di is not paying me for this, I just like her a lot and think that this project of hers is worth some attention)
And while I’m at it, sharing links I mean, I would like to mention two other blogs that I like and that I often visit, they are really different from each other but my taste is as divided as a broken mirror. The first is Skull-A-Day which is a wonderful creative project where the blogger posts a freshly created skull image every day, I really admire his (at least I think it’s a he) creativity and skill because they are both inventive and beautiful. I have a personal interest in this because I have been collecting book illustrations of skeletons up to the beginning of the 19th century for a research project of mine for years now and one day I hope to get the time to do something about it. Always good to have a dream. I found this blog, and many others over at Frizzifrizzi.it, a kind of lifestyle site to which I contribute with recipes almost every week, if you speak or read Italian and like new design etc., it might be worth checking it out.
Then we have Musings of textile itinerant where I have my fill of wonderful colours and patterns and inspired textile art, I have never been working with this art form but I love patterns and colours and what they can do to each other, I often try to transmit that in my photos so I find this blog very inspiring even if it is very different from I am doing myself. I found this blog because Dijanne kindly links to Lucullian and I was following a “came from” link in my visitors log! Always pays off to be curious.
And now over to something completely different: you probably know that I like Owen’s brilliant creation Paper Chef so when he wrote a post, telling that he didn’t have the time to continue with it and therefore was sending Paper Chef to it’s grave, I felt sad. Sad enough to offer to take it over. And that’s how it’s going to be, I think the Paper Chef will return in February in this very spot, with some changes to it but basically it will be like Owen made it. I’m very happy about this, are you?


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