Love & Peace!


Christmas is a paradoxical time, it should be the time of peace and quiet and for those of you who are Christians a great time of joy.


But most of us fret around to buy too many presents, slave away in front of the stove to cook too much food and stress ourselves to the limit to clean the house and such things. I try to slow down and to cut down on the unnecessary things surrounding Christmas but still, the stress is there. But I feel that every year I get better at it and maybe in my old age I will just be content with a lit candle and peace of mind!


One of the big reasons to why I do what I do at Christmas is because I want to transmit the nice atmosphere my parents created for us to my own children, I hope they will remember our Christmases like I remember mine.


I hope you will be able to pass these days as peacefully and well as possible, whichever faith or non-faith you may have or be of, that you will remember this Christmas as a haven of, hopefully, love for yourself and others.
And try not to eat too much, theres a life on the other side (i.e. Spring) as well!