Happy New Year


I have seen a lot of lists around on blogs, lists that take up the good and bad things of the passed year and I made myself a mental list of all the things that passed me by in 2007 just to see how I fared. It was very useful because it made me remember how many incredibly nice things that have been happening in my life this year. One of the best years for a long time actually and almost all of it in one way or another connected to my blogging. Who would have thought that. Unfortunately the year is ending on a more sombre tone, nothing unexpected but still very sad. But that’s how life is and bad times make me appreciate a lot of things, to look at life from a different perspective. And it makes me realize how lucky I am to have what I have. Oh I’m beginning to sound holier that thou here, sorry I didn’t mean to.

What I really want is to wish you all A Very Happy New Year and to thank you for all you have given me during this year! You really enrich my life with your emails and comments, you make me believe in the possibility of global understanding and that is a great gift you give me every day.
I hope to see you soon again, same place as usual!