I was going to complain about how cold it is and how cold I am but then I changed my mind because there’s absolutely no need to remind myself of this. So I’m trying to think about something else. I have always found that to be a quite useful way of fighting unnecessary thoughts and/or behaviour. It works when it’s itching somewhere on my body and it works when I have anguished thoughts about something I can’t change anyway. Either thinking about something completely different or mentally hitting myself on the head with a light weight tube, that works wonders. So if I now manage to concentrate on what I am writing here instead of feeling how icy my feet and fingers are, I might feel fine. I know that I will feel warmer when I’m doing some of the Christmas cleaning that I’m planning to do today, every excuse is good for actually cleaning up a bit and why not honour my mother and my father and try to behave as a civilized person, i.e. have a relatively clean house for Christmas. I really hope I won’t delude myself again and do something else, I hate when I behave like an irresponsible teenager who just want everything to be fun and above all, easy. I know life isn’t easy but somehow I can see that I slip into that attitude now and then, especially when it comes to boooring things. Wish me luck!


This is easy food, both to make and to eat and you don’t even have to feel bad about it. It’s good to serve as a small entrè or as finger food now when you are supposed to throw parties but have very little time because it’s so easy and to make these little morsels.


1 person, more or less

1 egg
1-2 tblsp grated Parmesan cheese
Tomatoes, I used 4 cherry tomatoes
Sweet red onion
or Pesto

– Whisk egg and Parmesan together and fry a thin frittata with it.
– Chop onion and tomatoes very fine and add a little salt.
– Spread out either tomato-onion mix or pesto over the frittata, make a roll out of it and cut it into finger food sized pieces.


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