OK, I promise this is not going to become a habit but here I am again with something I usually never cook. This time it’s not my fault though, I had to shoot tempeh for a photo for the Food Guide I am working with and I could hardly throw it away. So I had to cook something with it. Now tempeh really doesn’t look attractive as you can see on the photo, personally it reminds me of an alien brain or something along that line. It doesn’t taste bad though even though I have to say that I prefer normal beans and if you don’t have tempeh and don’t feel like spending your money on something that looks like that you can always use normal cooked beans for this recipe.
My dog, he loves tempeh! I could see how he was eying the pieces left on the table so I gave him some and he devoured it which surprised me because he is not the kitchen sink he once used to be, when he was young I never had to sweep the floor in the kitchen because he vacuumed it regularly and when we went out for walks he even ate the olives that had fallen off the trees (and olives in their natural state don’t taste good, I can assure you) but nowadays he has become sort of picky with what he eats. But tempeh is obviously good enough for him, if I didn’t know better I would even suspect that he’s a vegan. But having seen him chasing and killing some of the wild cats here, I know what a bloodthirsty beast he is.



1 bulb of fennel cut into thin wedges length wise
1 quite big piece of winter squash cut into smallish cubes
1 leek cut into think slices
Tempeh or just cooked beans, as much as you feel like
A sprig of fresh rosemary (I’m a bit in love with rosemary at the moment as you probably might have noticed)
6-8 juniper berries, optional
A dash of white wine
Extra-virgin olive oil

– Start with frying the diced winter squash in some olive oil until it has got some colour.
– Chop the rosemary and pestle the juniper berries and add them to the winter squash. Now the braising begins.
– After a couple of minutes you add the tempeh, the leek and the fennel and go on braising until the vegetables are soft and golden. Stir often and don’t forget to add some salt.
– Just before it is ready, you add a dash of white wine, let it evaporate a bit and then serve!


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