A little bit of this and that


It’s week now that I have been forgetting to tell/remind you that Michelle of The Accidental Scientist, our new co-host for The Heart of the Matter, has announced the new HotM theme in case you missed it. This month we are anticipating all those festivities that are looming on the horizon so we are asking you to submit heart healthy recipes for Christmas and/or Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate that. Christmas is a time when we often eat too much and the food is often less than good for those of us who have to be careful with what they eat. And I’m sure almost all of us have someone in our families who have to eat heart healthy so maybe you already have a special dish that you can present or maybe you would like to come up with something new this year just to make Christmas more special. I need to think a little more about what to enter because since I moved here I don’t cook anything for Christmas, I just bake traditional Swedish cakes and such and the Italian part of the family does the rest. I’m lucky I know. For the details, please check out Michelle’s announcement.
I just saw a couple of pages of the Food Guides that QA International are producing (it’s the second but last of the books in a row), those that I’m shooting a lot of photos for, it feels really strange to see my photos in a different context but it looks great and I’m sure they will be both useful and beautiful books! I’ll keep you posted without the slightest consideration of whether you are interested or not, that’s the beauty of blogging!

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