I’m not ducking out this time!

cold feet

Today I have a question for you, I take it for granted that most of you who come here are interested in food and that you cook a lot. Now this photo job I’m doing right now leaves me with a lot of things that I need to use in some way or other and right now I have a duck in my fridge. The thing is that I have this inferiority complex when it comes to cooking duck for some strange reason, I never really managed to make it taste any good except an exceptional duck ragù with fettucine that I make but I want to learn how to cook a nice duck! So please help me, do you have any nice recipes for it? Keep it simple, I don’t want complicated recipes, just nice, tasty and simple recipes of duck. Thanks thanks thanks! (you can see that I put a lot of trust in you but I’m sure you will come up with great suggestions!)
(and yes, it’s a swan not a duck but I don’t have any duck photos)

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