A bit of sentimentalism or whatever you want to call it.

like a snake

I have to thank you for all your nice and encouraging comments about taking a short break, it’s nice to know that you understand what I meant. But it also made me reflect on how differently we all blog. I, for example, like to blog often, I like to blog almost every day, it’s like making a telephone call to someone I know, just to hear how things are and to chat a little about life or swap a recipe or why not both. Sometimes I have something on my mind that I need to ventilate, sometimes my EEG is more close to a flat line but I rarely feel that I don’t want to blog. This weekend I felt I needed a break and I took one. Now I’m back and feel happy to begin again; I knew I didn’t need a long break because I was hardly exhausted was I, but some time off to get some work done and to reflect on what I think about blogging was good for me. And why I so easily take on things as if they were duties even though I know them not to be, I have always been like that but I’m learning to see what is a true duty and what is not. Because there are true duties, feeding and taking care of the children I have chosen to have is one, not to speak about loving them, even more important than feeding and keeping them clean. Other true duties of mine are to at least try to improve as a human being, not hurt people on purpose and avoid feeling resentment just to mention a few, well in short try to avoid too many negative feelings. If possible, but I am working on it, I really am. These things are so much more important than blogging but maybe we can reach out to each other through our blog posts if we want to, not because it’s a duty but because human contact and friendship are important, at least to me.