Two years of pleasure

spinach cake

Yesterday it was two years ago since I started Lucullian Delights. So prepare yourself for some sentimentalism here, you know how I get when I start. I don’t think anyone really think about the future when they start a food blog, I didn’t for sure but then I rarely do at all so I can’t really judge by that. I find it quite surprising that I’m still blogging but I do know why I’m doing it. I do it because of you! Yesterday I spent some time pondering upon the subject, I wanted to see if I could pinpoint why I like blogging so much and I realized that it depends so very much on you. Of course it’s nice to write and to take photos but if I didn’t get the wonderful response I get from you it would be and feel rather flat and boring and I am sure that I wouldn’t have gone on for so long without it! So I want to thank all of you because you enrich my life so much (oh oh, here comes the sloppy stuff), they may say what they want about this ‘cyber’ world but it has given me so many things that I never expected at all: real friends, beautiful and encouraging emails from all over the world (please forgive me for being so lousy at answering them, I read and relish them all!), positive comments and a reason (excuse?) to experiment in the kitchen! Not to speak about job opportunities! Thanks to Lucullian I have landed a big photo job for a food encyclopedia/ food guide by QA International in Canada. It doesn’t end here, if you click over too Culinate you will find an interview with me here. When Liz Crain contacted me about this I was very surprised, I never expected to be interviewed by her but can’t say I wasn’t flattered. To tell the truth I have a very ambivalent feeling about being interviewed since they ran a story about me and Marco in the local paper in Uppsala, Sweden years and years ago, we happened to defend our PhD degrees within two weeks of each other and don’t ask me why the journalist thought it was worth to write about, obviously nothing else was happening. Anyway, that interview was horrible and I still haven’t been able to read it all, just the thought makes me cringe… But when I saw Liz’s questions I felt calm, not a hint of my previous experience!
So food blogging has so far only brought me positive things but the best thing about it are
you! Thank you! And as it is a sort of birthday I would like to make a birthday wish- I would love to hear from you who never comment, I’m so curious about you so please delurk just for this once!

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