Slow Life

I think that maybe I‘m finally getting some kind of structure to my daily life, the sudden appearance of two really interesting projects (I will tell you about them some time soon) has turned my life into an eddy and for a while I felt completely out of control. Now I have done what is the only solution for me in moments like this, I have made a schedule (sometimes a list works just as well) which I most probably won’t follow but it helps me to get some structure to it all. It turns the chaos into a rational and ‘gripable’ amount of things that I can tick off and it makes the eddy slow down. This has made me think about the Slow Life: how slow should life be? what makes life a Slow Life and not just a boring life with few things happening? And I realized that to me a Slow Life is a life where things are allowed to take the time they really take without using too many things to speed it up. To enjoy the actual making of things without already thinking about the next thing to be done. Take a really boring thing like mowing the lawn, I used to think of other things, listened to music or something like that while I did it but this last year I have started to look at the grass, the insects and above all to enjoy seeing the result of my labour while I’m making it and strangely enough, I don’t feel as bored and annoyed as I used to! I think this is one of the reasons why I don’t have a food processor (I do have a small electric whisk and a mixer so it’s not as if I’m contrary to technology in the kitchen), I like the process of kneading my bread by hand, sometimes I knead less, sometimes I have a lot of time and I knead more. It’s nice to feel how the dough absorbs the flour and begin to have a life on its own, it’s nice to use a lot of unused aggressions and frustrations to make something as good as bread!
These are two examples of how I try to live my life to make it a Slow Life, I have to confess that I’m not always successful, quite the contrary at times, but as my life is not over yet I think there’s time to get better and to slowly reach my goal. And it would be a contradiction in terms if I wanted to get there fast, wouldn’t it?

So what do you do to slow down your life?