It’s still warm enough to live without socks but I fear that soon, very soon I have to adapt and put them on. But that means that I have to start using normal shoes and I’m not looking forward to that. Why is it that nice shoes are so difficult to find and that when you do find them they cost far too much? I have always had problems finding shoes that I really like, sure I see lots of them but they are all designer’s shoes that cost what it costs to feed a family in India for a month or more and I can honestly not spend that money on a pair of shoes. Apart from not having that kind of money to spend of course so all this is rather hypothetical. But still, I do wonder how this world is evolving really. Yes I know, I’m boring and depressing and I know it’s Monday and who wants to start the week reading about this but I can’t help that all this abundance of ours make me feel uneasy. OK enough.

A couple of days ago I bought three big bunches of what was called asparagina or very thin asparagus. It definitely not the season for normal asparagus but I couldn’t resist these. (Talk about not resisting our abundance, what a hypocrite I am. ) And now I am standing here with a lot of asparagina that has to be used so you know what you have in front of you… Saturday I made a lime and asparagina frittata that I definitely will make again, maybe for lunch today actually hmm…


1-2 servings

15-18 asparagina stalks, they are really thin so it’s not that much. If you use normal asparagus you obviously use half the amount of less.
1-2 limes, it depends on how big they are
2 eggs
3-4 tblsp freshly grated parmesan
extra-virgin olive oil

– Grate the zest of the limes and squeeze one of them.
– Clean and trim the asparagina stalks and braise them in a pan in olive oil. Add the lime juice and a little salt. Braise slowly until they are soft.
– Put the asparagina in a greased oven-proof dish
– Whisk eggs, lime zest and parmesan cheese together, not too well. Add a little salt and then pour the frittata batter over the asparagina and put the dish into a pre-heated oven (175°C/347°F) until it’s ready, sorry but I forgot to check the time but I would guess 15-20 minutes maybe..


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