Do you remember this? Some time has passed since then but now the winners of the Paper Chef #24 have been announced over at Tomatilla and I’m the proud winner of the haute cuisine category! I’m very happy but I’m even happier that Owen has decided to come back and that Paper Chef is beginning again because I have missed this event so much! I really hope that a lot of you will participate on a regular basis because the more we are the more fun we will have! Thank you Owen! Check out the rest of the participants, we were few but good!

I’m saving my forces for a very busy weekend in Stockholm with big blog meetings on both Saturday and Sunday! Tomorrow I’m meeting old blog friends and on Sunday there’s a mixed food bloggers and bloggers meeting where we also welcome blog readers as well. I wonder if I will have any words left on Sunday evening… And it rains and rains today, a relentless stream of water is pouring down and I feel pity for all those who have come here to Uppsala for the annual reggae festival, most of them are living in tents…

These peaches are called pesca tabacchiera or tabacchera and the best ones are grown on the sides of the vulcano Etna in Sicily. They are very sweet and full of flavour but quite difficult to find where I live in Tuscany but well worth looking for. You can use this recipe with normal peaches as well. The plates were given to me by Kalyn.



White wine
Greek yogurt

– Wash the peaches carefully and put them in a small pan. Add white wine until the peaches are half covered (I know I know, it sounds strange to me but I hope you understand what I mean).
– Add sugar, I usuallt take 2 parts wine and 1/2 part sugar but you can change that if you want it sweeter.
– Simmer the peaches until soft, you have to turn them over some time in the middle.
– Take out the peaches and slip off the skins, it’s very easy when they are cooked, and leave them to cool down.
– Let the wine simmer until it has been reduced with at least a third and has become syruppy.
– Add some of the syrup to the yogurt until you have a more sauce like consistency.
– Serve the peaches with a dollop of yogurt and some of the wine syrup if you want.


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