Life and Linnaeus

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So many things are happening but only one really important thing to do, i.e. visit my mother. She is not getting any better but then I never expected she would. I feel really sort of split in two when I with her, one part of me thinks it would be best if she could go but the other part wants her to stay with me because I like so much to be with her. I don’t like feeling so selfish but it is so good to be there next to her, just being there and touching her. Love is a powerful and contradictory feeling.

linnaean furniture2

Uppsala is particularly dressed up this year as it is the trecentenary of Linnaeus’ birth. The Flower King is celebrated with flowers all over the place but my favourite tribute is what you can see in the photos, a flowering chair with a flowering table. they are standing on a little island in one of the city’s parks and I have been there several times just to enjoy them! Linnaeus had a nice sense of humour and I’m sure he would have loved them! If you have the time, please go to A Lake County Point of View and read Hank’s posts about his trip to Sweden earlier this summer, he is a true lover of Linnaeus! Start from the bottom and read on, it’s worth it!

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