Doing the tourist in your own ex home town (about time I would say!). Warning: lots of photos

So we took the boat and went to Skokloster Castle, one of the biggest non royal castles built in northern Europe. We’ve been there once before to see it’s incredible library but this time we saw the parts of of the castle now open to the public. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside so you have to go there for yourself. I did take a lot of photos on the trip there, 1h 45 min on this boat

the boat

The sun was shining and everything so calm so calm

where does it start, where does it end?

The sun glittered and I enjoyed being on a boat, it is such a long time since I have done some boating in any form.


And then we arrived, the castle appeared at the horizon and we got closer and closer



It’s is very beautiful, both the outside and the inside



On the way back we saw birds, flowers and cows


We saw boats and house boats

house boat2

and gardens

floating garden

Yesterday was a happy day