Today it’s Blog Day which means that we are asked to promote new blogs that we like. I have choosen four food blogs and one mixed blog that I like and that are relatively new! I like this idea, it’s a great way to get to know new blogs. I hope that you too will participate!

Cuoche dall’altro mondo is a mixed language blog, sometimes it’s written in English and sometimes in Italian. This is because Alex and Mari are Italian but living in two different parts of the world, one in Germany and the other in New Zealand! It’s filled with great recipes and beautiful photos! (Take a look at the post on black risotto!)

Briciole which means crumbs is a different type of food blog, every post (in English) deals with an Italian word related to food and Simona tells us the story of it in a very personal way. I like it!

The next on my list is the newest of the five, Maryanne started Finding La Dolce Vita only in July but she is already blogging like a pro! Definitely worth keeping your eyes on!

It feels as if Figs Olive Wine has been around for a long time already but it is fairly new considering that Amanda started it in April. Beautiful writing mixed with fine food photos makes it well worth a visit!

and then the last, Kebrunella. It is a blog in Italian but if you don’t understand the written language I’m sure that the beautiful photos will talk to you! Stunning!

I just remembered a sixth new blog that I think is worth a visit, The Passionate Palate has Italian connections too and Jeni not only posts great recipes, she also gives readers tips about what’s on in Italy which is always welcome!

But I just have to give you a recipe too. Ever since I made the tart for the Daring Bakers’ Challenge earlier this week I have been positively craving salt and savoury things to eat and my simple dinner yesterday just made me ‘swoon’ of satisfaction. I don’t really know if it was that I was particularly hungry after sitting chatting with neighbours for quite some time or if it was because it is a particularly good dish, I think I have to make it again to verify the impact factor in other circumstances. Anyway, it is so simple that anyone can make it. That is if they like the slight bitterness of the chicory but if the tomatoes are ripe and sweet it is a beautiful combination!


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The green part of a small bunch of chicory
2-3 plump and mature tomatoes
1 big clove of garlic
1 egg
Extra virgin olive oil

– Chop the green part of the chicory (save the stalks and use them for something else) and braise it in some olive oil together with the chopped garlic.
– Chop the tomatoes and add them to the chicory, go on cooking for about 5-10 minutes, it depends on the tomatoes. Add salt.
– When it is almost ready slip in an egg in the middle of it all an cook on until the egg is ready.
– Eat and enjoy!