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So we are back home and I just feel better and better about it, I really need to go away now and then in order to appreciate what I have here! And to cook in my own kitchen-wow! I have really been non-cooking in Sweden if you know what I mean, acting out the movements without putting any soul into it and I feel that I want to get going again. Yesterday evening I filled a page in my note book with ideas while I relished some quality time on my sofa. One of my best neighbours came here with dinner for us and boy was it good to eat Italian again! I felt so good. Today I’m off to fill our fridge and larder because I just can’t stand being without food! It almost makes me feel guilty. So for those of you who come here for the recipes and not my ramblings, tomorrow I will post a new recipe!
But coming back wasn’t completely without problems, when we arrived at the airport in Bologna the car wouldn’t start because the battery had gone flat so we had to push the damned car until it started which it fortunately did! Lucky that we are strong, me and Marco… And then the internet connection didn’t work when we came here but as you can see it did eventually get fixed. When it did get going I found out that one of my recipes is being used by a small London restaurant, Kim’s Cafe, that is kindly giving me credit for it on their website! I have to admit that I feel really proud!

But now I need your help, just a week left for me to submit a photo for this months Does My Blog Look Good In This and could you please help me to choose? Choosing really gets on my nerves (and yes I know it’s a luxury ‘problem) so I need you to decide! Thanks a lot!

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