Back to where I was born


We are settling in here in Uppsala and it feels the same but as always different. I was actually born here but only lived here the first two years of my life and didn’t move back until I started studying at the university ages ago. By then my parents had moved here and after a while my brother moved here with his family so nowadays this is where we always go when we come to Sweden. We are living just under the castle, I can see the river from our balcony and straight in front of us we have a big pond with two swans.
I’m always so surprised that it’s so calm here even in the middle of the city. We live in the countryside in Italy but it’s much calmer here than at home, even the birds are calmer. I find it very relaxing but when I come back home to Italy I just love all the life I can hear all over the place.


I have already started to take some photos, I so enjoy seeing things different from what I usually see and it’s really nice to look at things with fresh eyes! I hope you enjoy them too!
Next time I will post one of the recipes I have been saving for you!


back yard