a window open to the world


I spent a great part of last night with Pille of nami-nami, unfortunately I only met her in my dreams but I had a great time with her anyway and I’m convinced that if I ever have the fortune to meet her in real life, I will feel the same joy. I have ‘met’ other bloggers in my dreams before and it makes me realize how incredibly real both bloggers and readers are to me and how important the blogosphere has become in my life. Sometimes I wonder if it is really good for me but then I think about how it in a way has saved me. Maybe save is the wrong word, enrich is probably more apt but sometimes I feel as if it has saved me because living as I do, in a very small rural community, can be mentally restricting in some ways. I can’t blame those around me, they are really very nice people but I crave more. More people with the same type of experiences like mine, with opinions that make me think, people who appreciate my own experiences and views and who make me discover new things. I crave communication and this is what I have been given by blogging. So maybe it’s not so strange that many of you become so real to me that you appear in my dreams…