Dear Karina,

This is the email I never get around to write to you, ever since I saw your posts about your more recent health problems, I’ve been meaning to write to you but do I ever do it? No. But when I saw this post by Isaiah on Gluten-Free By the Bay this morning I knew I wanted to participate in Cooking for Karina! Ever since your first email to me about your food blog Karina’s Kitchen: Recipes from a [Gluten-Free] Goddess, I liked you and the more I have seen of you on your blogs, and in emails, the more I like you. I like the feeling you convey and your sensitivity. I like your recipes and your photos but then you are an artist after all. Reading about how the circle of foods you are allowed to eat is tightening up has made me feel bad when I think of how depressing it must be to have to say goodbye to so much when you love food and cooking as much as you do. But I have a feeling that the more one looks, the more one realizes how much that there is to eat after all, even when you suffer from food allergies. This is my feeble attempt to help you, I really wish I could do more. I used some of the seasonal vegetables I had at home, you probably make things like this every day now but I hope you count the thought! I’ll be back!

Un grande abbraccio


zucchini embrace2


Rather large zucchini
Bell pepper
Garlic, optional
Salted capers
Chili pepper, optional
Olive oil

– Put the salted capers in tepid water to soak.
– Slice zucchinis lengthwise into thin slices. I did it by first dividing the zucchinis into halves and then carefully slicing these with a mandoline.
– Braise the slices for a couple of minutes on each side in a little olive oil. Put them on kitchen towel paper to drip off any excess fat.
– Grill the bell pepper, I did it over my gas rings but you can do it in the oven under the grill or in a normal non-stick pan, just cut the pepper into large flat pieces and press them down with a lid until the skin is burnt and easy to remove. (We did like that when we lived in a student flat in Sweden and only had a electric stove.) Remove the blackened skin and dice the bell pepper.
– Dice the rest of the zucchini, the eggplant and sauté them in olive oil together with the garlic and chili pepper if you use that until golden.
– Add the capers and bell peppers.
– Form rings with the long zucchini slices and fill these up with the vegetables.
– Serve.
You can serve this with rice or with whatever your body tolerates.

Thank you Isaiah of Gluten-Free By the Bay for coming up with this beautiful event, I think it’s great to do it for Karina and it feels even better if we can help other people suffering from food allergies. So please take a look at the no-no food list over at Gluten-Free By the Bay and please participate. For Karina’s sake!

zucchini embrace3