Show Us Your Apron – The Roundup


First of all I want to remind you that Sunday the 22nd is the last day for this month’s The Heart of the Matter and I’m also proud to say that Joanna and I have been nominated twice for the Blogging For Positive Change award for our initiative to make a recipe base with heart healthy recipes over at the HotM blog, Thanks Amanda and Thanks Barbara! But back to the aprons!

I never expected to receive so many entries about aprons, I obviously touched a soft spot of many food bloggers. I suppose that the apron is the closest one can get to a uniform for food bloggers but on the other hand many of us feel like I used to feel, proud apron dissenters. As a reformed such I have really enjoyed reading about all your aprons, not to mention seeing all the photos of them! A heartfelt Thank you very much to all of you!
Aprons have different connotations, the one that kept me out of the apron is the non-conformist “I’m not going to fall into the traditional women trap and I live a dangerous life” attitude, some see them as ornament while most people seem to use them for practical reasons but then I have discovered an aspect that is completely new to me and that I found when I searched Technorati for apron posts: there are a very large number of blogs out there that are written for and by apron fetishists, I didn’t dare to look (so much for my “I live a dangerous life” pose!) but I think I sort of understand what’s it all about and I doubt that there is much cooking going on. Nudge nudge. But that is not really a serious apron approach, if you want to know what that is just take a look below!

There are 47 (or is it 48?) entries, some of you show us your favourite one, others has a story to them but they all have in common that they mean something to it’s owner.

The first to send in her apron was Isolated Foodie who shows us the apron her mother-in-law bought for her but never gave her. I love the photo, there’s something about it, could it be the position of the hand? is she trying to tell us something?

Babrbie2be shows us three of her aprons and I knew immediately which photo I would show here, I just love this one, is it a promise or a threat I wonder!

Meghan not only shows her apron but also herself! She looks like the perfect woman, she even has a flower behind her ear-I’m sincerely impressed, I never manage to look like that in the kitchen!

Scroll down (there are some dog blogging first) when you go to see this wonderful Indian apron that depicts traditional Indian kitchen tasks over at One Hot Stove!

Dear Pille of nami-nami shows us her Scottish apron, obviously with a touch of Scottish sense of humour, well it never hurts to laugh in the kitchen!

Robert pays a beautiful homage to his grandmother with his post of his apron over on his blog Metro Atlanta Foodie.

Linda from Frenchless in France doesn’t dare to wash her apron, you better check out why for yourself!

If you want to see some aprons with spectacular views take a look at Simona’s over at Briciole.
An apron with Rocky Horror Picture Show connotations cannot but make me happy, if it makes you happy too steer over to Tart Reform!

Eunice of Lemon Almond is doing exactly what I have been wanting to do for ages but never get around to do, she makes her own aprons out of kitchen towels!

This is the first of the Japanese aprons included here, this one is prettily pink and comes with a chocolate bar, I wish mine did as well! Savvy Savorer is the happy owner of it!

Barbara of winosandfoodies fell in love with this apron that she managed to convince the waitress to sell it to her, that’s apron love for you! or obsession with champagne maybe?

Myriam from Once upon a tart shows us this really pretty apron, she claims that she would even go shopping in it. I think I should get one because now and then I find myself in my car, driving along with my apron on…

Here we have some of Anna’s aprons, those she remembers where she put! I especially like the one with Parisian houses. Check them out over at Anna’s Cool Finds.

What you see on the photo is only a very small part of Cookiecrumbs enormous collection (she confesses to have two boxes of them) of aprons and she even singles out her favourite made by her really cool sister in law, check out over at I’m Mad and I Eat to see why I think she’s so cool!

Carrie’s blog Mad About Hats is about tea so I think you agree with me that she’s got the perfect apron for her!

I’m happy to present a non blogger here on Show Us Your Apron, Corinne often comments here and she sent me this photo of herself in a beautiful cat apron. I wish I had that wall/door!

Gilli of So So Simple‘s apron has fond memories attached to it, it was given to her by a friend from San Fransisco so it has travelled a bit!

Here’s the second Japanese apron of this roundup, it belongs to Zoomie of Zoomie Station who started out with a white one, wore it out and had to replace it with this. I think it would be perfect for me when I bake!

I love the story behind this apron, go and read about Nana’s apron over at Vegan Visitor!

Arfi gives us a peek at her sleek apron over at Homemades!

Su-Lin’s apron made me remember! She made this apron in school when she was 13, just like I did but mine was green and I have no idea where it is. Thanks for reminding me! Take a closer look at her apron over at Tamarind and Thyme.

This apron comes from Hawaii and it belongs to Anali from Anali’s First Amendment. If you look closer you can see that it has a beautiful pattern of fish and lobsters on it, perfect for the kitchen!

Click over to Cilantro and Lime and just take a look at this, matching apron and kitchen art! And the apron comes from IKEA so how can I resist! (Not that I do any shopping there really, it’s just some very stupid nationalistic pride stirring in me)

My dear friend Paz is a pioneer in showing aprons and here she shows us yet another of her beautiful aprons, click over to The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz to see where she buys them and check out this too because she has entered two posts!

Sandi from Whistlestop Cafe Cooking not only shows us one of the Cafe’s aprons but she also gives us a recipe for a nice Peach Cobbler! Two in One. Thanks!

Yes, you are seeing what you think you see, this one of of a pair of aprons Mari of Cuoche dell’altro mondo and her husband(?) got, if you want to see his apron click over straight away! Too good to be true, maybe something for those blogs that I wrote about earlier?

Franz from wonders who cut the strings off his apron, I’m happy that it wasn’t me. I promise, I don’t even know where you live Franz, let alone where you keep your apron!

Here is an example to why I have enjoyed reading your apron posts so much, the stories behind the aprons, Chris from Ms Cellania shows us her collection of aprons, some of which are connected to people close to her. Like the turquise/blue one in front, embroidered by Sam!

Some romance in the air when it comes to the story of this apron that belongs to Lisa of Champaign Taste. You are curious now aren’t you? So click along!

A sport fan’s (or should it be sport’s fan/sports fan’s/sport’s fan’s?? heeelp!) apron, over at Grannies Tasties you will find a Chicago Bears apron made by her sister. I just wish I knew which sport…

Here we have a German entry again, this time from La Mia Cucina (no it’s not’s Lisa’s doppfelgänger, just the same blog name) who is showing us his kangaroo aproon.

Mrs D. is back on the track, this time trying to make a new apron to outmatch the existing outfit (and I mean outfit), check it out on Belly Timber! And wish her luck, I did when I saw the last photo…

Lovely colours on Zorra from Kochtopf‘s apron, and she cooks barefoot, just like I do!

Ulrike from Kuchenlatein has a very practical approach, she even gave away her real apron and went for this style instead!

One thing is sure and that is that grandmother’s play an important role when it comes to aprons, just read lovely Helene’s story about hers over at Tartelette!

Belinda over at What’s Cooking in a Southern Kitchen loves horses and she uses this great apron when she cooks! Check out the horse pic too.

Over at A Blog From Our Kitchen you find not only aprons to read about and see, there’s also a description of how to make your own! Thanks!

Sweet Marce shows us two black and elegant aprons and one of them was given to her by Helene, to see which one click over to Pip In the City!

This is Ed’s (Tomato) apron, not that he uses it, he prefers to feed the moth with food splatterings on his jumpers but at least we now know that he has one. Not that I ever doubted that…

Tammy is a favourite of mine and when I saw that she had posted her apron on FOOD ON THE FOOD I was happy. Now I want those other pics but oh no, do you have a special blog for those Tammy?

Now this is the beauty of food blogging, Jeni from The Passionate Palate need some help with the origins of this beautiful apron and I’m sure someone will be able to help her!

Karen not only shows us her aprons, she even has a special Baking Soda team to wear then for her! I wish I could see my children like that often! Lucky you!

Take a look at this pretty apron, figure flattering I would say! It belongs to Annemarie from Ambrosia and Honey!

Another of my food blogging friends is Tanna who has an impressive collection of aprons! But the best thing is the photo of her extraordinarily elegant mother cooking, check it out over at The Half Cup!

And we even have an apron from Norway, read Britt-Arnhild’s story about this beautiful old apron over at The Blue Café!

Last but not the least we have Mae’s stunning apron, take a closer look at it over at riceandnoodles!

Oh, I made it and I’m happy! Thanks again for sharing in all these aprons with us! If I have forgotten someone or messed up a link, please tell me! Now I’m going to drink a triple espresso…