peach and crudo1

Right now the whole kitchen is full of children and teenagers making lunch and I’m sitting here by the kitchen table giving directions. Well I think I would be better off if I didn’t see what and how they are cooking, just the result. Like yesterday when my son, who wants to get a lot of money quickly (well, I actually pay him quite little to make him work and sweat more so that he maybe begin to understand the value of money, something he doesn’t understand at all), cut the grass. It was the first time and after giving him some help and directions, I left to do something else because when I saw the way he went about it I just got nervous and I thought that I had to give him a chance. I could feel a faint memory fluttering somewhere in the back of my brain, a sort of picture of myself at that age doing everything in the same haphazard way. So I left him to do it his way and was proud to see that he had managed to cut the grass quite well, much better than I expected. But then I’m not a much of an optimist. Well, I better get on with the recipe so that I can leave the kitchen soon…

peach and crudo6

More fruit, this time in a savoury dish, the smooth sweetness of the peach goes well with the salty crispiness of the fried prosciutto and the balsamic vinegar gives the final touch to it.

peach and crudo9


Mature and sweet peaches or nectarines
Prosciutto crudo of some type
Good balsamic vinegar

– Cut the peaches into wedges, if the skin is to thick you better remove it first.
– Fry (or is cook a better word?) the prosciutto in a nonstick pan with any fat at all until it has become crispy. Divide it into smaller pieces.
– Mix peaches and prosciutto and drizzle a little balsamic vinegar over it all before serving.

peach and crudo11