This months I have been so very good, I did the Strawberry Mirror cake that Peabody had chosen for the Daring Bakers challenge (if you are not familiar with the Daring Bakers I can tell you that it is a movement initiated by Lisa of La Mia Cucina and Ivonne of Cream Puffs In Venice that has grown to enormous proportions! Each month we are given a baking challenge that we all post about the same day, we have to keep it secret and we must follow the recipe given without our usual ‘creative’ changes.) weeks ago but I’m not so sure this is the right way to go about it for me because now I have almost forgotten all about it. I suppose I should have written this post straight away but I can’t be perfect can I?? Wouldn’t be me. But I know that I enjoyed myself very much because I made the cake together with Tanna in Texas and Karen in Holland who graciously admitted me to their baking session and I can tell you that it was a very intense and fun afternoon!


It started with a little drama when I couldn’t find any strawberries, neither fresh nor frozen but fortunately I decided to pass a shop a second time before going home defeated and hi ho, they had just received fresh strawberries so my cake was saved! I did have some problems regarding the recipe or maybe I should say, my interpretation of it but then I just turned to Karen and Tanna and they could immediately tell me how they saw it. I have to say that I admire Tanna who lives in a completely different time zone but still kept up with us (does that woman ever sleep I wonder) and Karen’s calm with an occasional, but very occasional I have to say, yelp really impressed me! In the middle of it all I realized that my red food colour had leaked out and I didn’t have any left but then we decided that I had made a very ladylike type of strawberry Bavarian cream, a pale sophisticated pink but I think that this was the only real hitch in the process, I managed to do what I was supposed to do and I have to say that I really really liked the final cake!


It came out with a wonderful jelly mirror on top and apart from me being a bit too mean with imbibing the cake with syrup it was perfection! And it disappeared in an instant, when it finally was ready, my family went for it like hungry wolves. My oldest daughter expressed the wish to have it on her fifteenth birthday which happen to be today so I dedicate this cake to her and to my son whose twelfth birthday is tomorrow: Happy Birthday to you, Chiara and Nicola! And thank you Karen and Tanna for making this such a fun and pleasant occasion and I mustn’t forget Peabody who choose this excellent Strawberry Mirror cake as July’s challenge-thank you! If you are interested in the recipe for the cake, you can find it later today over at Culinary Concoctions! And to see how the rest of the daring Bakers fared, check it out here!

And for your information, I’m leaving for Sweden early tomorrow morning but even though I will blog less, I’m sure I will be posting several times a week, I would probably get withdrawal symptoms if I stopped too abruptly! Plus that it’s quite a rainy summer in Sweden so we might have to do a lot of indoor activities, i.e. fighting about who can use the computer! And I’m going to meet Karen in Stockholm if everything goes well, I’m really looking forward to that!