Food blogging has enriched my life in many ways, one of them, and maybe the most unexpected one, are the friendships I have made, and am constantly making, throughout the world. One of the people I have got to know and with whom I have become a very good friend is Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen. She has especially been a great support to me after my father died in September, sharing her own experience and checking out how I felt when she though that my posts were to gloomy or low key and I really hope she understands how good that felt. I knew that she is generous person but lately I have realized just how generous she is! The other day the postman called at our gate to hand me a big parcel and I could see that the sender was Kalyn. When I opened it I thought: “Only a food blogger could send such a great gift to another food blogger!” because it was a box full of beautiful bowls and small plates! Only a food blogger knows the right size for prop plates and bowls and which sort of colour and decoration look good in a photo. The bowl you see in the photo is one of them and I find it so delightful! Thank you Kalyn, you made my day with your beautiful gift!


I made this celery soup a couple of days ago when I had had a tooth pulled out and felt a desperate need to eat smooth things. I like celery but it’s not always an easy vegetable on it’s own, especially when it’s cooked but in this soup I think I have managed to make a good base for further experimentation, I have to find a herb or spice to put in it, do you have any suggestions? But if you want a smooth and mild soup with plenty of flavour, try it this way! It looks and tastes as if it has cream in it but the only fat in it is olive oil.


2 servings

1 small bunch of celery
1 onion
1 zucchini
500 ml/ 2.1 cups vegetable stock
Olive oil, extra virgin one

– Chop the onion and braise it some olive oil for a couple of minutes.
– Slice the zuccchini and the celery, chop the leaves of the inner sticks too, and add them to the pan with the onion. After a couple of minutes you add the the stock.
– Let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes, not too long because it makes the colour less attractive, and then blend it into a smooth cream.
– If you feel like adding some freshly grated parmesan-do it! Serve hot or cold. (But if you choose the latter alternative, you better skip the cheese)