I’m a contact lens and eye glass user (or should I say wearer?). I have always disliked wearing glasses but nowadays I sort of accept it. And that’s really lucky because I don’t seem to have a choice anymore ; when I use my glasses I need to take them off when I read something and when I’m wearing contact lenses I need to put on a pair reading glasses to see what I’m reading. So I begin to understand that it’s just my fate and that I cannot escape it, maybe maybe when I’m 70 if I’m like my father who stopped using glasses around that age because he said that his eyesight was perfect. And it probably was but I was always very nervous when he was driving, I have to admit that. And I’m not so sure that I care that much about it when I’m 70, not the way I did when I was 20 and lived one year half-blind without glasses because I was vane and too poor to buy myself contact lenses (they cost a lot in those days). I lived periods of the year in London and I remember sneaking out with my glasses in the dark to check out the shop windows on King’s Road (yes Ed I checked out SEX too, I lived close by) so I knew what to buy in the daylight. Not that I had a lot of money in those days either but at least I would know what I was missing out on. I remember the great disappointment I felt when I finally bought contact lenses and I discovered that the world wasn’t full of all those gorgeous looking men I had seen in my nearsighted haze. I have never been able to make up my mind if it was worth it, maybe it’s better live with an illusion instead.


This is my second entry for this month’s HotM (start cooking!), I just realizes that it’s also the second time I use beans in this round, obviously I have beans on my mind. Or maybe it is because I couldn’t resist buying some fresh Borlotti beans when I saw them, who can, they are so pretty fresh, just look at the picture, and it’s a pity they don’t remain like that when they are cooked. So maybe it’s better to use white beans for the visual aspect. It is a quite delicate little dish and the hint of peperoncino in the background gives it little more of identity!

2 servings

250 ml/ about 1 cup of cooked beans, I used borlotti but white ones are good too
1 onion, chopped or sliced
50 small and medium shrimps, peeled
Peperoncino or chili pepper, not too much, it’s supposed to be a hint in the background
Parsley, chopped
Olive oil, extra virgin one

– Braise the onion until it’s getting transparent in some olive oil and then add the beans, peperoncino, salt and a little water(if you use frozen shrimps you can use the “shrimp water”), let it cook for about 10 minutes.
– Add the shrimps and some chopped parsley and cook until they are ready, don’t over cook, the shrimps are nicest tender!
– Serve!