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Right now I just feel like eating fruit, fruit and fruit. There are so many nice ones to eat now that I loose count of them, I actually go slightly berserk when I go food shopping, I just grab what I see and feel like a child in a toy shop when the sales are on. We do actually have fruit trees, a very young cherry tree that doesn’t seem to have reached a particularly fertile age, not enough any way, the world’s most stupid apricot tree that, surprise surprise, actually gave us several apricots this year. Then we have the resurrected white peach tree that to our grief died because we had a tree close to it removed, but to our great joy re-sprouted again last year. Unfortunately all the fruit seem to have got some strange pest, it has the most wonderful white peaches but it doesn’t matter, we are so happy it survived that it really doesn’t matter. And then we have an apple tree that I dismember every spring because I never find anyone who can teach me how to prune it in the way I like it. Not to talk about the trans-species lemon tree that one year decided to change species and became an orange tree. Not a single normal one so now you know why I buy my fruit.

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3-4 small portions, 2 large

Sponge cake
Fresh apricots

Quick apricot stew:
Fresh apricots
Lavender honey but you can use other types of honey as well

– Cut the apricot in pieces, put them in a pan and cook them together with the honey until it has become thick and like jam. The amount of honey depends on how sweet the apricots are and how sweet you like your desserts.

Lavender syrup:
100 ml/ 0.42 cup water
4 tblsp sugar
5-7 lavender flowers, I mean the whole flower, not the single ones that constitute the whole thing.

– Put all the ingredients in a small pan and let it simmer until it has been reduced to about half.

Yogurt cream:
200 ml/ 0.84 cup Greek yogurt
200 ml/ 0.84 whipping cream
Confectioner’s sugar, optional

– Whip the cream and mix it with the yogurt, if you want to you can add some confectioner’s sugar to sweeten it.

– Cut the sponge cake into pieces and dip them in the lavender syrup before putting them in a small bowl or ramekin. I prefer them to be rather humid so to speak.
– Cut the fresh apricots in small pieces and put them on top of the sponge cake. Then you add a layer of yogurt cream and finish it with apricot stew on top.
– Serve!

apricot dessert4

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