carrot salad6

I feel like the prodigal daughter returning back home, in this case I’m returning to one of the first events I ever participated in as a food blogger, I did it diligently for quite a while and then – nothing. But I still keep in touch a lot with Kalyn which is one of those great things blogging has given me, real friendships across borders and nations. And this weekend I saw that Kalyn is hosting the WHB, I felt that I wanted her to work a little more (so what, I never said that I am a good friend to have, did I?) so I quickly decided that it was time to send her an entry. If you too are interested in participating in this great event which has become of the most popular in the food blogging sphere, check out the rules here and the hosting schedule here.

I’m very fond of aniseed, I use it in bread, in cookies and sometimes in food, the only problem is that I am the only one in this family who likes it. So far at least. I am hoping that some child will suddenly be illuminated with a love for it so that I can can use it more often, it is a bit boring to cook with it for me and me alone. I seem to have faint memory of reading somewhere that it was used against sleeplessness in Ancient Rome so maybe I should try that when I’m having problems with my sleep. I don’t know if it is this salad that makes me feel so tired today, could be but it’s probably because we watched an episode of Morse yesterday evening and then we happened upon a very interesting documentary on Arté about the alternative side of the U.S.of A. so I went to bed far later than usual. But who knows.

carrot salad5

1-2 portions

2 carrots
1 tsp aniseed seeds
4-5 walnuts
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil, extra virgin

– Chop the carrots finely together with the aniseed, if you want you can grate the carrots on a coarse grater but I like them chopped.
– Chop the walnuts and add them to the carrots. Pour some balsamic vinegar and oil on the salad and mix well.
– Serve.

carrot salad3