potato cake5

I have a visitor, no not one of those with a capital V that populated the small screen in the in the middle of the 80’s (were we really so starved that it was possible to make TV series like that I wonder?) but a nice human one from Sweden who is actually playing in the garden with my youngest daughter at the moment, now and then I see someone pass the open kitchen door on they are sneaking around trying to scare each other. And I’m very happy to sit here on my own, blogging away. That’s motherhood for you, at least my/mine.
Yesterday we went to a buffet party given by one of out newer neighbours and there was so much food that we have been invited over tonight again to finish it off. Fortunately it was excellent food but a night off cooking duty has re-energized me and I feel like cooking so maybe we remain at home. After all. I think it’s nice to see our neighbours but let’s not exaggerate, neighbours are better at kept at a little distance in order to keep the peace and order.

potato cake3

I made this earlier this week because I like the combination of potatoes and fennel seeds and I wanted to see what I could make out of it. I obviously liked it because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.


1 largish potato per person
1/2-1 tsp fennel seeds per potato
A ripe avocado
Lime juice
Sweet onions, chopped
Olive oil, extra virgin

– Grate the potatoes on a fine grater and mix with salt and fennel seeds.
– I used a quite large and round cake cutter to cook the potato cakes in, I put the cake cutter in the skillet and filled it with the grated potato mix, pressing it down a little and then I fried it in olive oil on both sides, turning it round.
– Mash the avocado and mix it with a little lime juice and salt and then you either mix it with the chopped onion or you serve it divided as I did on the photo. In either case you should use it as a topping on the potato cake.
– Serve.

potato cake4