cherry and lemon curd1

After the healthy serving suggestion of yesterday I just have to give you an unhealthy one as well, life is full of ups and downs, ins and outs, healthy and unhealthy treats and that’s one of the reasons why it is actually any meaning with going on living it. Too bad or boring makes it unbearable, too good or happy makes us incapable of realizing it in the long run so let’s vary but we better try to make the healthy as delicious as possible and eat the unhealthy things in small portions and not too often because otherwise we wont be here to live our varied lives at all.

cherry and lemon curd4


Fresh whipping cream
Lemon curd

– Whip the cream, it has to be quite firm. Mix it with lemon curd, I let the lemon curd dominate the taste but you better try to find the balance that you like.
– Mix it with either chopped or whole cherries and spoon into the cups or bowl you want to serve it in.
– Top with a cherry and serve.

cherry and lemon curd10

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