The other day I found a very nice recipe of a stew over at winosandfoodies and it made me discover a new food blog as well because the stew was Barbara’s entry for a food event called Cook and Eat Meat. This is a one-off event that is run by Arfi of Homemades in order to combat and prevent iron deficiency in women and I’m happy to participate and if possible make you participate as well. You have until the 16th of June to send your entries to Arfi, read here for further details. So I tried to think of some kind of meat dish to eat in the summer, I personally eat less red meat summertime because of the heat but this salad feels perfectly ok on a hot day. I kept it simple because the meatballs are hot, remember to make them very small so that you don’t have to cut them.



500 g/ 17.6 oz minced meat
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 egg
2 tsp or more of sambal oelek.
Rucola or Argula salad
Cucumber, diced
Small cherry tomatoes
Olive oil, extra virgin

– Mix the minced meat with the chopped onion, the egg, sambal oelek and some salt. Mix very well and then make small meatballs the size of a hazelnut and fry them in some butter and olive oil until brown and nice.
– Put rucola, tomatoes and cucumber in a bowl and toss them together before drizzling a little extra virgin olive oil over. Add the meatballs , mix quickly and serve!