Gift from the past


I’m happy to have a husband who almost always bring home edible presents from his trips and right now he’s like a drop of mercury, always on the move in all directions so we have been receiving a lot of nice things to eat but maybe the gift I liked the best was the one he brought home from his 36 hours visit to Vienna earlier this week, a real Sachertorte from Hotel Sacher.


I have never been to Vienna myself, I would love to go some day because it must be a lovely city and then I could meet both Angelika and Merisi who, I am sure, would take me to their favourite Sachertorte makers/bakers. But as a beginner in the Sachertorte field, I’m happy to have tasted the original, I always like to start that way and then move on from there, if you know what a dish or cake etc. is supposed to be and taste like, you have a good base to stand on when you decide which version you prefer.


But what I particularly like about the Sachertorte, apart from its taste, is that it is made from a recipe originally made in 1832 and even though there are probably some difference of taste due to changes in how the ingredients are treated and prepared nowadays, it is like it was 175 years ago. And I really like those rare moments in life when you are allowed to go backwards in time and in some way feel what it was like then. As much as it is possible but I enjoy the illusion of being part of the same context somehow; I think food is one of those areas where you can get a quite genuine experience of what it was like in past times but I better stop now before I start polemizing against fake recreations and such things, I can feel it welling up inside me and I would like to spend this Sunday as a mild and calm person, driving my car without having strong opinions about my fellow drivers, being the mother we all would like to be, kind and forgiving, and above all, being a perfect food blogger. Whatever that is.
For more information on Sachertorte, read here or here or google. For photos of Vienna, visit Merisi’s lovely photo blog Merisi’s Vienna For Beginners