zucchini fish3

I have succumbed after years of refusal, I preferred to change clothes and destroy shirts and tops and trousers with splatter of oil rather than being sort of rational and put on an apron. I don’t know why, it was just there, a deep rooted dislike of aprons. A white chef apron, well maybe yes but to be honest they aren’t that comfortable, but a tie a round the waist one with a feminine touch to it – no, never, no way, absolutely NOT! And suddenly, out of the blue, I just changed my mind and started to use my mother‘s aprons that I saved for sentimental reasons when we cleaned out my parents’ home. And what’s worse, I even went and bought three new ones! I’m still quite surprised but ever so happy because it’s really one of the most practical things in the world, pockets, protection and kitchen towel all in one. After this revolutionizing (or revolutionary maybe is better) change in my life, I began to see aprons all over the place, Paz bought one, Barbara wrote a post about it and suddenly a whole new world of aprons opened up in front of me. Now I have quite particular taste so I realize that I have to take out the sewing machine and start making my own ones but I’m actually looking forward to it!

zucchini fish1

What you see in the photos is the remnants of the fish we had for dinner yesterday but it was so simple and so good that I want to post the recipe anyway.

4 servings

600 g/ 21.2 oz white fish that remains firm after cooking if you get what I mean
400 g/ 14 oz zucchini
Peperoncino or some other type of chili pepper
Olive oil, extra virgin one

– Slice the zucchini and braise it in olive oil together with the garlic and the peperoncino until golden. Don’t forget the salt.
– Cut the fish into pieces and braise these with the zucchini until cooked. Check the salt.
– Serve and enjoy!

zucchini fish4