farro and prune cake3

This cake may seem out of season but where is it written that we only should use prunes during the winter? Sure, I can get fresh plums now but they don’t taste as dried prunes do and I like that taste. All year round. My body isn’t telling me that it doesn’t want prunes because of the weather or summer climate or whatever it is that makes me crave different things in different seasons so yesterday I made a cake with prunes. I used farro or emmer flour but I think it it’s OK with normal whole-wheat flour in case you can’t find it. I find farro sweeter and that it has more flavour than normal wheat flour and I often mix some into the bread dough to add a je ne sais quoi to the bread. I don’t think anyone notices but I know it’s there and therefore I think it makes a difference, a kind of placebo effect I suppose one could call it. Last week I bought some kamut flour (do read the story, if it is real it’s quite a fantastic one!) that I’m really curious about, it’s that thing I have about food archeology that makes me want to make a simple bread to get a hint of what the old Egyptians ate to their meals. I even have an Egyptian cookbook somewhere, I better take it out to see if there are any bread recipes in it! Anyway, if anyone here in the northern hemisphere thinks this is a cake out of season, I’m sure there are others in the southern hemisphere who doesn’t so here we go:

farro and prune cake4


4 eggs
250 ml/ 1 abundant cup sugar
125 g/ 4.4 oz salted butter, melted
1oo g/ 3.5 oz sour cream
400 ml/ 1.7 cup farro flour
1 tsp baking powder
15-18 large dried prunes. If they are very dry let them soak a bit in tepid water or rum or whatever you feel like.

– Whisk egg and sugar for a couple of minutes. Add the melted butter and the sour cream and stir well.
– Chop the prunes and add them to the batter before adding the flour and the baking powder.
– Pour the batter in a cake tin and bake in a pre-heated oven (175°C/347°F) for 25-30 minutes or longer if needed.

farro and prune cake2

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