Lately I have been listening to an old tape with Janis Joplin in the car and sometimes she sings in a way that makes me forget that I’m driving. I never really cared for her when I was young(er), when she was at her height I was too young to really appreciate her voice and her interpretations of what she is singing and when I started to get into the music I liked alternative rock and punk. But it nice to go backwards sometimes and rediscover music, the only problem with that is that I sometimes fall in the “it was better before” trap that annoys me so immensely when I encounter it in others so I try to balance it with listening to the music my children like. Well at least some of it and I’m very happy to see that my oldest daughter is beginning to wake up and go a bit beyond what is being served daily by MTV & Co. Back to Janis, the reason for this ramble is that I wonder if there is any old hippies reading this who saw her in action – if you did, please tell me what it was like to see her live! Or if you just feel like leaving a comment but are not a hippie, you are welcome to that as well!

cardamom & cherry clafoutis3

It’s cherry time over here and I just had to make a clafoutis even though I’m not particularly fond of it. Or rather, I rarely eat one that I thoroughly enjoy but this version with cardamom really was a hit with me! I had it all myself, OK, it was about half of a normal one, let’s say it was a clafoutis for two, so I didn’t actually over stuff myself with it and it was great to eat it out in the garden, spitting the pits? kernels? on the dog while enjoying the flavours of cherries and cardamom. (Don’t worry, he’s fast and escaped everyone of them except maybe one)

cardamom & cherry clafoutis5

1 small one

2 eggs
60 g / 2 oz sugar
100 ml / O.42 cup of milk
30 g / 1 oz salted butter
3/4 tsp ground cardamom
50 g / 1 3/4 oz flour
180 g / 6 3/8 (or more) cherries

– Melt the butter. Whisk eggs with sugar and milk. Add the butter and then add the flour and the cardamom. Stir or whisk until creamy.
– Grease a cake tin and place the cherries evenly in it. Pour the batter over them and bake in a preheated oven (175°C/347°F) until golden.
– Sift icing sugar over it and serve.

cardamom & cherry clafoutis8

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