Yet another unnecessary post


Right now I feel exhausted when I open up Bloglines and I see all the blogs that have posted and that I would like to/should read but just the thought about it makes me just grow so tired. It’s been like this for a week or two now and this morning it struck me that you probably feel the same when you see all the continuous updates here. I definitely don’t feel tired of posting something every day, I start up the computer anyway and most days I do have recipes to post and there’s always photos but maybe some of you feel obliged to read and comment here and I would hate that. So today I just wanted to say this: I love comments and what it brings along, I enjoy when readers delurk and show who they are and what they think, I really enjoy the dialogue that I have with many of you, I even miss some of you who used to comment but doesn’t do it anymore and it makes me wonder if something has happened to you ( Connie, Magda, Bix and others: Are you OK?) but I sincerely hope that you don’t feel that you have to stop by every day and/or leave a comment.
So now I have written another blog post that shows up on your rss reader and makes you go all tired but I hope you can forgive me.