This morning I found a little bird in my kitchen, fortunately the poor creature managed to find its way out but it reminded me of that soon the kamikaze season is here. You see there are a lot of bird’s nests on out roof and the nest owners are very fertile and we have different stages here when it comes to the early life cycles of young birds. First we find smashed eggs that have fallen out of the various nests, then the naked bird babies starts dropping around our heads and die at the impact with the terracotta paving (I cried the first time I had to pick one up and dispose of it but after twelve years here I have become an hardened bitch, I just sweep them up and throw them over the fence. Without any tears. But I do feel a little bit of pity for them) and then I have to rescue those little birds who (I know, grammatically incorrect but they are alive after all) have survived but either get down through the chimney and end up in the no mans land between the actual chimney and the copper hood covering it on our tile stove in the living room or they manage to fall into the drainpipe and end up in a draining well in our garden. I usually realize when there’s a bird in there because the bird mother sits next to it chirping away, it’s quite moving actually. Anyway, although I don’t like them that much, especially when they have to drop down and die, I am happy because it’s a sign of late spring and summer!



Canned tuna
Salted capers
Lemon juice
Chili powder

– Put the capers in tepid water to soak.
– Slice the potatoes very thinly, if you have a mandoline-use it!
– Fry the potato slices until soft and slightly browned. Leave them to drop off excess fat on kitchen towel paper.
– Dice the cucumber, it has to be quite small dice.
– Crumble and mash tuna and then add chili powder, cucumber, a little lemon and capers. Mix it well.
– Build a small tower by layering potato slices and tuna mix until it reaches the height you want like it is in the photo. I found that three potato slices was enough for me.
– Put a toothpick through it and serve!