five things

curtain au naturelle
my brain when I have to come up with the five facts in this meme

Last week I was tagged for a meme by Paul and Mike over at Eat Me!, an Australian food blog where you find a genuine love for food, I can really recommend it! It’s the meme that has been circulating for a while now and I’m supposed to tell you five things that you don’t know about me which leaves me with such a wide choice that I almost find it anguishing. I don’t like choices, I make them but I don’t like them anyway. But because I like Paul and Mike a lot, I’m going to do this and it’s going to be today! Thanks for the tag!

1. (So I’m stuck straight away, where do I begin?) I like making things with my hands, before I had children and all my energy was drained by the little cannibals (because children are a sort of cannibal tribe, they devour you as a mother and leaves very little of yourself unless you are a woman who works a lot and have a lot of money to pay for a child minder. I’m not a career person and I’m definitely not rich plus that I adhere to the Italian saying “You wanted the bike- pedal!” well they use more words in Italian but that’s the drift of it, I wanted to have children so now I have to bring them up) I used to do book binding and knit and make pretty cakes and paint things that I bought with my mother in thrift shops but nowadays I cook and blog in my spare time. I would like to pick up the book binding though because it’s very interesting. And we have lots of books that need new bindings.

2. I’m an analytical type of person so no wonder that I ended up analyzing poetry. Or doing that type of research. No need to analyze that.

3. I have a lot of grey hair that I’m longing to let out but I will wait until they dominate my scalp before I stop being a redhead. Then I will know how it feels to be a blond. Of sorts. I never thought I would get grey hair so early, I kind of imagined getting them at 60 or 70, not now! On the other hand, I don’t think I will ever feel as old as I’m supposed to be which means that I will never expect to have any grey hair. Or wrinkles. Or whatever it can be because inside I feel quite ageless and I’m sure that most of you feel like that as well. I wonder if earlier generations felt this way? They seemed to adapt so much better to what you are supposed to be and feel when you are an adult or old.

4. Today it’s exactly 17 years since I got married to Marco and I’m still very happy about it. I never really expected to get married so I’m even surprised. Still. I always thought that all my friends were better at things like that but it turns out that even I could adapt to someone. But I suspect it’s a question of meeting the right person.

5. I really wish that one day I will be able to live by the sea, that’s one of my few dreams. A house on a beach.

Ok, I did it even if it was a bit difficult to come up with something. It would be better if one were given five questions instead which is the reason why I joined an interview memish thing that I found on a very nice blog but that will have to wait until next week!