“Waiter, there’s something in my…Easter Basket” – ASPARAGUS AND PESTO FILLED EGG HALVES


Easter has always been my favourite festivity, it’s springtime, there’s a lot of light and even the colours are light and bright – what else can you ask for after a long winter? Well at least in this hemisphere, I’m sorry but I tend to forget all of you who live in the southern one, I have to do something about this north hemispheric centeredness that I suffer from!


I have only positive memories of my childhood Easters, well all Easters that I celebrated together with my parents actually and it is first and foremost eggs that I remember. We had a big Easter lunch, always with guests, and before starting to eat, we painted eggs, loads of eggs and as they were always boiled at the last minute we sat there and tried to be creative and not burn our fingers at the same time. I remember fantastic creations, my father made elaborate patterns, my brother made more macabre things like eye bulbs, my mother who was an artist, made fast but beautifully decorated eggs but I cannot remember much of what I made, I do remember making spiders and cobwebs one year, must have been the year when the Cure released their Disintegration record. (They are still my favourite band but I do have a bit more distance to the thing now) And then we have the Easter egg hunt, you know those beautiful cardboard eggs filled with chocolates and sweets, the highlight of the day! My father hid them and then we had to hunt them down with the help of notes with rhymes on them that led us from one place to the other, finding other notes with rhymes on them until we finally reached The Egg. Total bliss. I don’t think I have to tell you how much we loved this and I’m almost embarrassed to confess that we forced our poor father to do this, well, hrm, until we were over 30. And there is absolutely no need to leave comments about parent abuse etc., I’m well aware of my sins here.


So with all these egg memories, what else could I choose for an entry when I decided to participate in the “Waiter, there’s something in my…Easter Basket” that is hosted by Johanna of the passionatecook this month. So I decided to make some eggs with a real Spring feeling to them and the most spring like vegetable I could think of is the aparagus! So here they are, the world’s simplest Asparagus and Pesto Filled Eggs Halves:



Hardboiled eggs
Asparagus, 2-3 spears per egg

– Divide the eggs length wise and take out the egg yolks, put them in a bowl and mash them.
– Steam or boil the asparagus until soft but not too soft, no soggy asparagus here! Then chop them finely and add them to the mashed egg yolks.
– Then you add the pesto, you better start with a spoonful and find the right balance by tasting! Mix well and spoon the mixture into the egg whites. Decorate with a asparagus tip if you want.
– Serve.