ROSE SUGAR MADE WITH FRESH ROSE PETALS (might turn out as syrup)

rose sugar5

The other day I noticed that a lot of people were posting flowery dishes and I realized that I had completely missed this month’s SHF which had sweet flowers as its theme. A brilliant theme because it’s really the right time for that here in the northern hemisphere, there are flowers all over, at least here and it is a waste not to use some of them for food. I usually make ice cubes with violets, rosebuds and marigolds and other flowers in spring but I have never made anything really edible with roses. I have a lot of rose bushes that I planted when we first moved here and they are almost all perfumed because I choose with two criteria in mind, they had to be beautiful and sweet smelling so when it comes to rose petals I really can pick and choose.

rose sugar3

And as I’m such a lazy gardener they are never treated with anything poisonous, I do think about it when I see the spots or the animals but I never get around to it so they are perfect for cooking. Let’s put it like this, I have a very natural garden, I was very amused last time I went to a plant school and realized that they sell a plant that is considered a weed around here for 4 euros per vase! Having this natural garden (read over relaxed approach) I always leave a lot of the wild flowers that invade it grow freely because I find them pretty and I can’t be that bothered, I will never be able to achieve a perfect garden anyway. But where were I, yes roses. The other day Marco came in with an enormous red rose that was falling apart, when I bought it, it was supposed to be a really average red climber but it turned out to be a completely different rose. It is a big, heady smelling very dark red one that I have only seen in a remote corner of my neighbour’s garden, nameless and mysterious and even more mysterious because I wonder how it ended up being switched with the other rose, they are not similar at all apart from being red. So there I was in the kitchen with my hands full of perfumed rose petals and I just couldn’t throw them away so I put them in a plastic container and then I put some sugar on them. Which led to me going out in the garden to get more rose petals so in the end I ended up with a lot of petals mixed with a little less sugar and with the hope of having some rose sugar in the end.

rose sugar1

Later that evening I found this interesting post by Myriam over at Once upon a tart where she makes both rose sugar and rose salt by using dry rose petals. And that might be wise because the fresh petals are so humid that I realized that I probably would end up with rose syrup instead but to be honest I thought that it would be even better. But in the end I got my rose sugar because the simmering of the sugar resulted in that it crystallized so now I’m the happy ‘owner’ of a sugar that smells and taste like the roses I have in my garden. I’m defending it with my life because I would like to make some cookies with it but I’m not that sure it will be the case now when my oldest daughter have found it…

rose sugar6

ROSE SUGAR MADE WITH FRESH ROSE PETALS (might turn out as syrup)

Fresh perfumed rose petals, quite a lot
White sugar

– Pack rose petals (do check out so that there aren’t any insects on them) and sugar, far more petals than sugar! Next time I make it I will weigh everything and update this post even if I don’t really think it matters much.
– Close the container and leave it for about 48 hours, I shook the container now to stir it up a bit.
– Put sugar and petals in a small pan and heat it up until the sugar has dissolved and then pour it through a sieve so that the petals are separated from the syrup. Squeeze out as much syrup as possible from the petals.
– Let the syrup simmer for about 10 minutes. If it remains syrup, put in into a small bottle when it has cooled down. If it has crystallized, pulverize it with something heavy until it has become like sugar and put it in a container.

rose sugar2