potato and frittata salad3

This morning I heard the nightingale sing when I opened our bedroom window and it made me stop and lean out of the open window just to listen. I spent a couple of very peaceful minutes just listening to it singing in the quiet morning. Things like this makes it worth living here in the provincial countryside where I miss out on a lot of things like meeting exiting people and partake in a varied cultural exchange and where I can’t find a proper work but have to create it myself in a rather insecure freelance existence. But in exchange I get this and I get to live in an environment where people know who I am even if they never actually talked to me and where people are kind and have time to exchange a word or two if you feel like it! And where I can listen to a nightingale and feel the perfumes of spring. Not to forget that I have time to blog and participate in a lot of interesting things that goes on, this weekend I have not only posted about the Daring Bakers challenge, I have also been doing the judging in this month’s Does My Blog Look Good In This, 103 photos to look at and put votes on, not a very easy task but very fun! No wonder then that I just had time to eat a simple and fast potato, spinach and frittata salad.

potato and frittata salad1

1 serving

2 boiled potatoes, I used new potatoes
A small handful of fresh spinach leaves
1 egg
2-3 large tblsp freshly grated parmesan cheese
1-2 pinches of chili pepper powder
Salt, preferably herb salt
Olive oil

– Cut the potatoes into pieces and put them in a bowl together with olives, salt, vinegar and olive oil.
– Tear the spinach leaves into smaller pieces and add it.
– Whisk egg, parmesan, salt and chili powder and then make a quite thin frittata that you cut into strips when it is ready.
– Mix the frittata strips with the rest of the salad and eat.

potato and frittata salad2