This month’s theme for The Heart of the Matter is desserts, you have to come up with heart healthy desserts, something that may sound difficult but in reality isn’t that difficult at all. First of all we have fruit which is both good and healthy and then there are so many ways to make other types of desserts heart friendly. The most important thing to do is to reduce the bad fats, for example animal fats and I have some good news for you here. Personally I don’t like 0% fat yogurt for example so I asked Joanna if I was allowed to use one with at least some fat and she told me that you are ‘allowed’ up to 5% in dairy products; this opened up a lot of new possibilities for me when it comes to heart healthy dessert making, I look forward to make some type of creamier sauce to go with a cake! But this time I’m going for a fruit dessert, simple to make and absolutely perfect now when it’s finally getting warmer and warmer over here. I really hope that you are going to participate, remember that you also take part in building up a recipe base of heart healthy food over at The Heart of the Matter blog when you participate because every roundup is not only posted on our blogs, they also get posted there so that we can go back to find inspiration when we need it! (In case you wonder your recipe will always be linked to you and your blog) Send your entries to Joanna (joannacary AT ukonline DOT co DOT uk), the last day for your entry is Sunday 22nd April and the roundup will appear on Joanna’s Food this month!


4 servings

1 small cantaloupe melon(nutmeg melon/musk melon/netted melon/rock melon)
600-700 ml / 2.5-3 cups mint tea

– Take out small balls of the melon, if you don’t have the right sort of scooping thing, dice the melon instead. But leave some of the melon, approx a 1/5 of it.
– Mix the mint tea with honey, you decide how sweet you want it to be, then you blend the remaining melon with some of the tea into a smooth cream.
– Add the melon cream with the rest of the tea and then add the small melon balls to the whole. Put it into a container and leave it in the fridge to marinate and to get really cold.
– Serve with a sprig of mint.


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