Blushing with pride…


Nothing, nothing, everything. Right now it feels like that; the day before yesterday Paul of Eat me! tagged me for a meme and yesterday I was rewarded the Thinking Blogger Award from three fellow bloggers! I can only say Wow and feel really really flattered. And honoured. I will come back to the meme next week Paul, because I need to think a bit and today my blood pressure is too low for any real brain work. I will forward the Thinking Blogger Award though but first I want to say Thank You to Merisi, Britt-Arnhild and Lisa for thinking about me, you have made me feel so good and that is a great gift!

Here are the five bloggers to whom I want to give the Thinking Blogger award (random order):

Nika of Nika’s Culinaria because she posts about interesting food topics and often from a scientific point of view. She is also such a good teacher that she makes me understand even the most complicated schemes and reasonings!

Tanna from My Kitchen In Half Cups because she emanates joy and delight both through her own blogging and all the comments she graces me with almost every day! It’s nice to have someone out there who makes you feel happy and who confirms your existence by showing their appreciation.

Cookiecrumb of I’m Mad and Eat because she says what she thinks and that’s something I like in this age of humming and hiding. She also takes beautiful photos when she wants to and I know that under that rough surface there’s a really sweet person. Somewhere.

Simon of An Ordinary Life has already been nominated but I do it anyway because his stories make me think of my own childhood and I really like all the parallels between our respective childhoods even if we grew up in completely different countries, yes even different hemispheres. He writes beautifully so please click over to Australia to read!

Alina of Ice-Cream Monster Toon Cafe because her drawings and art in general make me feel happy and sometimes we mustn’t only think, it’s important to feel as well! Her work ranges over so many styles and genres but always with her own mark upon it!

And then we have a lot of others who make me think on a more or less daily basis but this is what I choose today, next week my choice might have been different!