About chocolate and Slitti in particular


We live in what is called the Italian chocolate belt, just to mention a few we have Confetteria Corsini in Pistoia where I live in the other direction there’s Catinari in Agliana and in Pisa we have Salza e De Castro and in in Monsummano, not far from here, resides Slitti who has won the world championship of chocolate making some years ago, and who make my favourite chocolate. I usually don’t go to Monsummano to buy my chocolate because I have this little shop, bottega, here in Pistoia where I find all I need and want from Slitti. Last time I passed, I came home with more than I needed, I actually went there just to get a bag of Slitti’s cocoa powder but out I came with a bag laden with some of the things you see in the photos. I even bought a Slitti Colomba cake which is a typical Italian Easter cake that is similar to Panettone.


First of all I bought a box of the famous Slitti chocolate spoons that you use to stir the sugar in your coffee with while they slowly dissolve. Now I don’t like sweet coffee so I can’t really appreciate them that much but I like the idea a lot. They are very pretty to look at with that cocoa covering and who said that you need to use it only with coffee, it satisfies a very childish streak in me to be able to eat a spoon, it makes me feel like like a super hero or at least like a cousin of Uri Geller.


Coffee and chocolate is good though, despite my dislike for coffee with sugar I find these chocolate coated roasted coffee beans irresistible, soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside.


The cocoa powder is a staple food in my kitchen because that’s the best I have ever used; it costs more but it’s so pure that you use less and it taste good. It has a wonderful dark brown colour and it even smells good!

I could have bought so much more but as I felt that I couldn’t really justify using even more of our money on chocolate when I really should have been buying food for our children so I’ll save those treats for another time… If you are interested in trying out some Slitti chocolate, I noticed that there are several websites selling it but alas so far I haven’t seen any of the things that I have mentioned here.