Wine Meme


I was tagged by Rosa over at Rosa’s Yummy Yums for this Does Wine Have A Gender Meme earlier this week (Thanks Rosa!) so now it’s about time that I do it. I have to confess that I’m not as interested in wine and spirits as I am in food, I don’t try to learn more about it and I have never attended a wine tasting or something like that. I do like wine and I do have some kind of innate taste for it but I don’t really think I have the right to do a wine meme. Or maybe it doesn’t really matter…

According to you, is wine more feminine or masculine?
First of all I have to say that this is a typical example of this incapacity of mine to understand the real intention of a question in a Q&A, is it the wine in itself or the wine activity that is intended here? I answer both, wine as a beverage is feminine to me whereas the drinking etc. of it is both even though it’s usually men who are more interested in wine and wine making.

Do you prefer red, white or rosé wine?
Red! (Despite the white wine in the photos but they were the only ones I had in store.)

Do you prefer white champaign to pink champagne, or vice-versa?
White champagne. I discovered champagne quite late in life, for some strange reason I didn’t like it but now I would drink it every day if I could. We always keep at least one bottle at home.

When was your “first time” with wine?
This is the horrible confession time. I am as you know Swedish and the Swedish alcohol culture is not something I’m particularly proud of. Let’s put it like this, I’m happy that my children grow up here when drinking doesn’t have that strange tinge to it as it had/has(?) in Sweden. I started to drink far too early, not that I have had any problems with it nor did anything bad happen but if I could be a teenager again (which I absolutely don’t desire) I wouldn’t drink so much that’s for sure.

What is your best “emotional” memory with wine?
To be honest I can’t remember any, I don’t know if it’s because I’m not emotional enough or, horrible thought, because I had to much wine?? Wait, now I know one, the first time I realized how good champagne is!

What is the best food association with wine?
This is where I just get lost, I have no idea.

Your next wine tasting experience (real or fantasized)?
Easter when we are having a big family dinner and I know that we are going to drink some of the very good Lambruscos that Marco has been buying lately. It’s a simple wine but there are some great producers out there. Or when when we are opening the bottle of Cannonau, a Sardinian wine, that we have, it’s one of my favourites!

Who chooses the wine at your place and who takes care of the wine storage cave?
We mostly do it together but Marco is more interested in it than I so usually he takes the initiatives.

How many bottles do you have on stock or in your wine storage cave?
About 50 I think. But we rarely drink any wine, we tend to forget about it. Horrible isn’t it?

How would you initiate a young person to wine?
I don’t really know. Definitely not in the way I went about it myself as young. But then this depended more on the alcohol culture than the way my parents behaved, they had a nice relaxed way about it but as a teenager you go where the crowd go, don’t you?

I tag the following people:
Tanna of The Half Cup because I know she likes wine
Tammy of FOOD ON THE FOOD because as a mother she needs to activate her remaining brain cells (and now I just remembered Tammy that you tagged me for a meme ages ago and that I have completely forgotten, sorry!)
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