This week’s Weekend Herb Blogging is being hosted by the newlywed Anna over at Morsels and Musings, I really hope that she and her husband (who is Swedish by the way) enjoyed themselves last weekend and that she has got enough energy to do the roundup on Monday. In my experience it’s not the wedding day itself that is exhausting, it’s all the things before that makes you deflate like a balloon afterwards. But then I have only got married once so I can’t say that I have a vast experience of it. But I feel that I have to send Anna a special Thank you for hosting WHB in a moment like this!
And then I will move over to Brilynn of Jumbo Empanadas because it’s her fault that I made this ‘dish’ or maybe I should call it snack. Some time ago she posted about making potato chips (or crisps if you are British) in the microwave and for once I regretted not having one. I never felt the need to have a microwave because I don’t cook microwavy things but when I saw her chips I felt that I wouldn’t mind having one just for that specific purpose. But I decided to try with the means that I have, i. e. a normal oven. And I wanted to add some flavour so I went out, opened my gate and walked the ten steps that are needed to reach my neighbours laurel hedge and then I pinched a handful of laurel leaves. I have now tried to understand why and when it’s called bay and when it’s called laurel but nothing has come out of it. I thought that maybe it was a difference between American English and British English but I haven’t found anything that verifies that belief so now I ask you, do you know anything about this linguistic matter?
Anyway, here are my own version of homemade chips/crisps, I’m sure that they weren’t as crispy and chips like as Brilynn’s but they gave great satisfaction when they were eaten!



Cloves of Garlic
Laurel leaves
Fresh ginger, chopped
Olive oil

– Mix a couple of tablespoons of olive oil with the chopped ginger, the sliced or chopped garlic, some salt and the laurel leaves that you have cut or torn into smaller pieces.
– Peel if you want, I didn’t, and slice the potatoes, preferably with a mandolin or something that makes very thin slices.
– Put the slices in a bowl and add the olive oil mix. Stir and leave it to marinate for an hour.
– Bake them in a single layer on a oiled baking tray in a pre-heated oven, and now comes the sad part: I have forgotten at what temperature I baked mine. I think it was 200° C /392°F, that’s what I would go for now I made them again in this moment but I’m not sure. Anyway, bake them in the oven for 5-10 minutes, keep an eye on them so that they don’t go too brown. I had to move my tray around a bit because my oven is not perfect but who is?
– Let them drip off any excess oil on some kitchen towel paper before eating them.