Like Nika of Nika’s Culinaria I sometimes crave tofu. I’m always very surprised because it’s such a strange food to crave considering that it doesn’t really taste anything and as I’m not a vegetarian or vegan I do have a wider choice of foods to crave. But as usual I take it as a signal from my body, a cry for help and I succumb. Now tofu isn’t a bad thing to crave as such, it was much worse when I craved castagnaccio when I breast fed my second child, well anything full of carbohydrates did the trick and when I come to think of it, I felt the same with all three of them. So when I craved tofu recently I gave in immediately and made this fava bean and tofu dish, later this week I will tell you what I made with the fava bean pods…


HOT FAVA BEAN, OLIVE AND TOFU DELIGHT (I had to call it something and I was delighted with it when I ate it)

Fresh fava beans but if you can’t find them you can use frozen ones
Tofu cit into cubes
Fresh chili peppers
Lemon juice
Olive oil

– De-pod the fava beans. I leave the skin on because I like it.
– Heat up some olive oil together with finely sliced or chopped chili pepper and lemon juice, add the tofu and salt.
– Sauté the tofu for five minutes before adding the fava beans.
– Now you start braising instead, add a little water as well and leave it to cook for 5-10 minutes, it depends how big the fava beans are.
– Add the olives a couple of minutes before it’s ready and then serve it!