I started making this Crema di Limoncello ages ago, I peeled the lemons and immersed the peel in 95% alcohol and then I forgot all about it. Until today when I realized that I better do something about it so I proceeded in the preparations. I had found a cutout recipe from the Italian food magazine Sale & Pepe and I started out with that but it didn’t take more than 3 minutes before I started to deviate: I used more lemons, less sugar and excluded the vanilla extract as I prefer it less sweet and more lemony. I have done some research and found out the relations between alcohol by volume, also called ABV, and proof; it’s roughly 1:2 to alcohol content to ABV so the alcohol I use would be about 190 proof. I hope I have got this right but it seems reasonable because 95% is really strong and you can’t drink it as it is, it always has to be diluted otherwise it burns your inside completely.
If you are more into normal Limoncello, here’s my recipe for it!




500 ml /17.64 fl oz 95% pure alcohol
5-6 lemons, preferably organic
1 liter / 35.27 fl oz whole milk
400 g /14.11 oz sugar

– Wash the lemons well and then peel off the yellow part of the skin. (I use a potato peeler.) Try to avoid the white part.
– Put the peel in a glass or metal bowl (not aluminum though) and add the alcohol, cover it and let it stand for 5-6 days. Shake it once a day.
– Heat up the milk together with the sugar, it mustn’t boil and then leave it to cool down.
– When the milk is cold, pass the alcohol through a sieve so that the peel and eventual impurities are removed and then add it to the milk.
– Put it into bottles, leave it to rest for a week and serve it freezing cold! The magazine suggests to keep it in the freezer, probably because it keeps the milk in it fresh longer.