An answer to all your incredible comments.


You overwhelm me! And obviously I had to shed some more tears because your comments have moved me. Very much. I don’t really know what I expected when I started blogging but this incredible feedback and the warmth I receive from you was not it but something unexpected and wonderful. A little bit like Christmas all year round! It’s not easy to share feelings and one of the reasons (for me that is) is that I don’t want to burden people or scare them because feelings can be scary sometimes. But we still need to express them, both positive and negative ones and that’s why PostSecret has had the enormous success it has! I’m not going to harp on about this but I want you to know that each comment of yours has made me happier and that I really appreciate that you took the time to stretch out your hand towards me and write your comment. I will always remember that and now I have to stop because otherwise I will start crying again and I’m a bit tired of that right now. I better go out and do something. Like cutting the grass.

green stone