Paper Chef is on!

This is just a short post to remind you that Paper Chef is on again over at Tomatilla. I like Paper Chef, it’s really fun to see how far you can get with four random ingredients, what will you be able to create with the help of other staple ingredients? Not to talk about the variety of dishes that people make, it’s amazing how people answer to the ingredients, not once have I seen the same dishes! I often stare at the ingredients in disbelief and the slowly, slowly the small cog wheels in my brain start moving faster and faster and the ideas begin to pop up! Not that I participate every time in Owen’s event but as I have started up a sister event, the Cyber chef, through my Swedish food blog, I do it about once a month! This month both events take place this weekend so I have a lot of thinking to do but I have already decided on the dish I’m going to present in the Cyber Chef so now I have to start on the Paper Chef one! But we have time until Wednesday so why don’t you participate too? Check out the rules here, this month’s ingredients here and then start cooking! There have been too few participants in the last editions so we have to change that! Get cooking!