Today is the type of day when you just feel like staying indoors and just cook, read and or just lazy around. It looks cold outside, I haven’t checked whether it is cold, it’s enough to look out and see all that overwhelming greyness to make me remain here indoors at my kitchen table.


Some time ago I found these small, small tomatoes, I really don’t know what they are called because there are so many names circulating and often I see the same name on different types of tomatoes so I don’t dare to call them anything-I just eat them! Anyway, I bought them and used half of the bag on a foccaccia but the second half I thought I should try to prepare like you make candied fruit. So I did. The tomatoes obviously didn’t turn out as candied orange peel or kumquats but they were lovely, sweet with a hint of heat because I put a piece of chili pepper in the sugar water or whatever it’s called (now here I would love to have an editor!). I ate some of them on top of small sandwiches with goat’s cheese and it was good! I won’t even post a recipe, it’s enough to simmer them in sugar and water (much more sugar than water) with a piece of chili pepper or a small pinch of ground chili pepper for about 10-15 minutes, don’t stir and let them cool down before eating. I’m sure they are perfect as condiment to various dishes.