Good news


Yesterday I had some really bad news but fortunately two very encouraging things happened as well. One boosted my ego and the other made me feel so good because of the care and thought that had been put into it!
The ego boost was this post on Daily Dose, the blog of Domino magazine. What can I say other than thank you to Rita Konig who is one of the three contributors to Daily Dose, it made me very happy! And a thank you to Carol as well, you know why!
Another big thank you that I want to transmit here is going to Relly who sent me this beautifully handmade card for Meeta’s BPW event. But wait, not only did she send me a card, she also sent me a postcard of the lovely place where she lives, Perros-Guirec in France and two little bags filled with toffee and chocolate (one with homemade no-cook chocolate cookies with the recipe included)! What a lovely gift to receive on any day but particularly yesterday – a very heartfelt thank you Relly, I appreciate your thought, the cards and the gifts so much!